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Last updated on 2010-11-16Projects > Constraint-Based Stowage Planning

The Constraint-Based Stowage Planning Research Project  

The project focuses on improving a stowage planning optimization algorithm developed by Ange Optimization and owned by A.P Moller-Maersk. The algorithm is a 2-level hierarchical decomposition. The first level decides the number of containers of each major container type to store in each of the vessels storage sections. The second level solves an optimization problem for each section that 1) decides exactly which containers to store in the section and 2) assigns these containers to slots in the section. The objective of the research project is to improve the performance in terms of computation time and solution quality of the second level optimization. The approach is to consider hybrids between constraint programming and column generation. We also investigate fully heuristic approaches to solve this problem.    


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