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Last updated on 2020-08-20Projects > ENERPLAN

The ENERPLAN Research Project 

The ENERPLAN research project (Energy Efficient Transportation Planning) is supported by a 7 Mkr grant from The Danish Council for Strategic Research within the special program ‘Green IT’. The research project is a collaboration between Maersk Line, DTU Management Engineering and the IT University of Copenhagen (2 Mkr support). The grant will finance two PhD and two post-doctorate positions at DTU and ITU to carry out research on mathematical optimization together with Maersk Line over a four-year period, starting in 2009. ENERPLAN will develop intelligent IT-based planning tools for the containerized transportation sector, reducing energy consumption and thus environmental impact. The research project includes decision tools for planning a route network such that a higher load factor can be achieved.

Maersk Line provides in-depth knowledge of the problems under scrutiny, and can transform the research results into actual energy-saving initiatives that have a significant impact on CO2 emissions. The two university partners have a long experience in solving logistic problems in cooperation with industrial partners.

The goal of the project is to reduce energy consumption by 3-5% by designing more efficient route nets and improving logistic handling. For a large liner shipping company, this reduction amounts to the CO2 emissions of a major Danish city.


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