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Last updated on 2020-08-20About

    Algorithmic Intelligence 

    Algorithmic Intelligence is a collective term for the range of algorithmic methods that has been identified as key revenue drivers for some of the most successful companies today including Google, Netflix, UPS, and Walmart. Being an interdisciplinary research group at the IT University of Copenhagen with a strong theoretical core and major international business partners, the Algorithmic Intelligence research group strives to become internationally leading in its focus areas including scalable data mining algorithms, maritime decision optimization, computational intelligence in games,  image processing for gaze tracking systems, and experimental sensor networks.


    Join forces across research groups at ITU on data mining, data acquisition, machine learning, computational intelligence, optimization and decision support to achieve an international leading position within focus areas.

    In particular:

    1. Achieve international visibility that can attract the best researchers in the field.

    2. Develop and organize teaching programs in the area.

    3. Establish a cross-group community for researchers and PhD students.

    4. Establish external services for industry and institutions.

    5. Facilitate knowledge transfer between fundamental insights on Algorithmic Intelligence, and problems of high interest to society.


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